Mysuru Dasara

8th October, 2021

Inauguration of Dasara Cultural Program by Chairperson Sri ,Basavaraja Horatti and President Sri.Vishweshwara Hegde Kaageri

Mysuru, October 7th (Karnataka Varthe): On the Occasion of World Renowned Mysuru Dasara Celebrations organised at the Palace Premises on Thursday the cultural events were inaugurated by the Vidhana Parishat Chairperson Sri. Basavaraja Horatti and Vidhana Sabha President Sri.Vishweshwara Hegde Kaageri.
After Inaugurating the Programms the Vidhana Parishath Chairperson Sri.Basavaraj Horatti said Mysurue is known for its Culture and Hospitality. Mysuru Dasara Celebrations is a known for its diversity not only in Karnataka but also in the country and abroad. He also expressed this by saying that he was very delighted to have participated and inaugurated such a rare occasion.
Vishweshwara Hegde Kageri, the President of the Legislative Assembly, said that Mysore is a model town for the entire nation in all areas including, cultural and Sri.Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar’s contribution to this is immense. As a ruler of Mysore, with democratic governance, the pulse was full of power and unforgettable.
It is a great pleasure to see that the government is trying to create a cultural wave at the Mysuru Dasara Celebration with emphasis on arts and culture. He commended the ten-day specials of Mysore, including the culture of Mysore, by highlighting the high culture and enriching the country.
During this time Sri. AV Anand, a well-known Mridanaga Vidwan was conferred with the STATE MUSIC SCHOLAR AWARD
Minister for Co-operation and District Incharge Minister for Mysore Sri.ST Somashekhar, Minister for Kannada & Culture and Energy Sri.V.Sunil Kumar, MLA’s Sri.SA Ramadas, Sri.GT Deve Gowda & SriL Nagendra, Mayor Sunanda Phalanetra and Mysuru Municipal Corporation President Sri.Rajiv, Sri.Raghu R. Kautilya, Sri.NV Phanish, Sri.Appanna, Mysuru DC Dr. Bagadi Gautam, District Panchayat CEO AM Sri.Yogesh, Kannada & Culture Director Sri.Rangappa, Assistant Director Sri. H Chennappa, Palace Board Deputy Director Sri.TS Subrahmanya and several others were present.