One of the major attractions of Nadhabba Mysore Dasara Mahotsava

September 3: Main Poetry Concert, Chiguru and Selection Process for Youth Poetry Conference for Mysuru Dasara 2022.

One of the major attractions of Naada Habba Mysuru Dasara Mahotsava 2022, the main poetry concert will be held on September 3. At the press conference held today in Mysuru, Dr. M. Dasegowda, Deputy Special Officer of Dasara Poet’s Conference Sub-Committee, informed that the programme will be inaugurated by Central Sahitya Academy President Dr. Chandrasekhara Kambara and Poet Dr. H.S. Shivaprakash will preside the conference. A concert will be held at Jaganmohan Palace Hall or Mysuru VV Senate Hall. Along with Kannada, 40 eminent poets of other languages like Tulu, Kodava, Aarey, Sanskrit, Konkani will recite the poems. He said, ”this will be a multi-lingual poetry conference and we are going to invite famous and eminent poets ensuring all parts of the state will be represented. The selection process of poets is already in progress and all necessary arrangements are being made to conduct it in a systematic, meaningful and grandeur manner”. A 25 lakh grant has been requested. This time, an innovative program called ‘Dasara Kavya Sambhrama’ is organized along with poet’s concerts. The program will be held at the Kalamandir on September 28 at 10.30 AM and Minister for Co-operation District In-charge Minister Sri S.T. Somashekar will inaugurate it. Renowned poet Dr. Doddarange Gowda will be the Chief Guest. A Comical poetry concert will be held at 12 noon inaugurated by Orator Prof. M. Krishna Gowda. 20 people including BR Laxman Rao, Dundiraj, Erappa Kambali will conduct the program. Folk poetry celebration will be held at 2.30 PM, Dr. PK Rajashekar and his team along with Malavalli Mahadevaswamy and his team will perform folk songs. On September 30 at 10.30 AM, a youth poetry conference will be held at the Rani Bahadur hall of Manasa Gangotri in which 40 poets are expected to participate. A ‘Chiguru’ poetry concert will be held at 10.30 AM on the 1st of the October. He said that 40 budding poets and students will be given an opportunity to perform. Dr. M. G. Manjunath, working President of the Subcommittee said, ‘We will invite famous people to the main poetry meeting and those who are interested to participate in Chiguru and Youth Poet’s Conference must contact ph. no. 9964177512 . He said that opportunities will be subjective to the talent.