Mysore, September 12:- Various types of trainings are going on gradually for the elephants participating in the world famous Dussehra Mahotsava Jamboo Savari

Mysuru, September 12: Training for Chivalry of Elephants and Horses participating in the world famous Mysuru Dasara 2022 Jambusavaari

Various types of trainings are going on a regular basis for the elephants participating in the world famous Mysuru Dasara 2022 Jambusavaari to be held in the cultural city of Mysuru, today a training & practice of bursting explosives through canons was held. The elephants have been successful in training. As the elephants and Cavalry who will take part in the world famous Mysuru Dasara Jambu ride on October 5 warmed up to the heavy noises, a three-round cannon firing exercise was held in the premises of the Kote Maramma temple near the Varaha gate of the palace. After removing the 11 canon carts from the palace and cleaning them, pooja was offered as per tradition and today at 12 noon in the Kote Maramma temple premises, three rounds of Kushalatopu(Canon) were fired and ammunition training was conducted for elephants and horses. Apart from the three elephants getting into a bit of a scuffle, there were no other accidents. Mysuru City Police Commissioner Dr. Chandragupta said that as part of Mysuru Dasara 2022 celebration, Kushalatopu exercise was conducted for the first time today. Horses and elephants should not be intimidated by the sound from Kushalatopa. Training is being conducted with the view that they should get used to it, and they will conduct two more training sessions. During the procession of Ambari (Chariot) on the last day of Vijaya Dashami, 21 rounds of Kushalatopu will be fired while the National Anthem is being played. A total of 43 horses were involved and 38 CRPF personnel participated in the procession. He said that another exercise will be conducted on the 16th. A kg and three hundred grams is used and it will be blasted just to make a sound without causing any further damage. He said that they have used only what is required for the celebration which is conducted every year. DCF Dr. V. Karikalan said that on the occasion of Mysuru Dasara 2022 celebrations, 14 elephants have been trained alongside Kushalatopu. Except for three or four elephants, they all stood steadily. Ambari elephant and Kumki elephant, Nishane elephant will be loading the horde. Except them, all other elephants moved back and forth, without creating any ruckus. Sri Rama, Sugriva and Parthasarathi got a little confused while Lakshmi came forward without fear, he said. They are all wild animals even though they are trained, for example, the horse retreating at the sight of the elephant. He said that their character is due to the same factors mentioned above. Two more training sessions will be held on 16th and 23rd of September. Arjuna is going to go as a Nishane elephant(Leader). Srirangapatna has asked for five elephants for Dasara. Three elephants will definitely go. Gopalaswamy turned around during procession last year but no damage happened. People should stand at least five feets away from the elephant while it is walking. He said that the elephants were not intimidated by the sound of vehicles during the exercise or while walking on the road.