Mahotsava Film Festival

Mysore Dussehra Mahotsava Film Festival* A Short Film Competition is being held As part of Mysore Dasara Mahotsav 2022, The details are as follows –

01. Total duration of short film (including title) should not exceed 5 minutes. 02. One can submit as many short films as desired. 03. If any downloaded still image, scene, song or background music is used in the short film, if it is subject to plagiarism or copyright issue, such short films will be rejected. 04. Non-Kannada language shorts must have Sub-Titles. 05. Fill all the details in the google application form which will appear after clicking this link, scan the QR code given there, pay the workshop fee of Rs. 100/- for registering. 06. Upload the short film in MP4 format to Google Drive or YouTube and mention its link in the application form. 07. Cash prize and a winning certificate for the best 5 short films will be given at the opening ceremony of the film workshop held at Vigyan Bhavan, Mysore on September 22 as part of the Mysore Dussehra Film Festival. Certificate of participation will be given to the rest of the short films. 08. September 12 is the last day for submission of short films. 09. Approval, exhibition of short films for competition shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the committee. 10. The decision of the arbitrator shall be final. There will be no further discussion