Mysuru Dasara

History of Dasara

Glimpses of World famous Mysuru Dasara

Mysuru is famous for its annual festival celebration Famously knowing Mysuru Dasara called another name Nada Habba, for 10days festival Dasara.

Dasara was started in 1610 and this year Dasara celebration is about 411 years remarkable history.

It has own frame to celebrate the Dasara with its own culture , the historical truth says ” The first Mysuru Dasara continuing same in every year. It’s never had been changed till it’s 411th year celebration . there is no changes happens in way celebration or tradition and cultures ,
According to historian and some source , The concept of Dasara (Nadahabba or 10days festival) was started by Vijayanagara empires.

Krishna Devaraya Who was the empire of the dynasty was started, later the Vijaya Nagara empires shifted to Mysuru empire.

Raja Wadiyar, 9th king of Mysuruwadiyar dynasty was first started the festival in the year 1610 at Sriranagapatna. (now it’s in Mandya District).

Those time srirangapattana was the capital for Mysuru Wadiyars.

The 9th King of the Mysuru had written drafts for the way of 10days festival celebration. As for the draft 10 days festivals continuing like same without any changes.

In the history of the 410th Dasara, Sources says , first Dasara was the impressive festivals for the people and this marked it’s highness in the history pages. After the independence of India the Roay authority was shifted to Government.

More than 17 various Mysuru Wadiyars are celebrated Mysuru Dasara and it shifted from Srirangpatna to Mysuru in 1805 by ruler Krishnaraja Wadiyar 3rd.

Now The state government celebrated with the supports by Royal family with tradition every year.

Those time Wsdiyars was sitting into the Golden Howdah weighing about 750 kg and this time 56 year old male elephant Abhimanyu carrying golden howdah. After 1972 State government decided to place Goddess Sri Chamundeshwari idol in golden howdah it continued.

In Mysore Palace Wadiyar family also celebrate internal Dasara. Dasara or Navarathri is celebrating every year this year Royal Family scion Yadhuveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar will conduct Private Durbar.

Dasara is integral part of the Indian culture and it was celebrating since hundreds of years. Navarathri celebration is mentioned in Duga Saptashati of Devi Purana.

Nine days worship of nine goddess of Adhishakti. Navarathri is first part of Dasara and tenth day is second part it is Jambo Savari or Vijayadashami procession.

The Jumbo Savari or Vijayadashami Procession will be same as like in the first Dasara, artist , various subject artists, tribals culture all other are continuing same without changes.