Mysuru Dasara

About Dasara


The Mysore Dasara Celebrations will be held from October 7 to 15, 2021. This year’s Dasara festival will be held at Chamundi hill on October 7th morning in an auspicious time between 8:15am to 8:45am which will be inaugurated by the former Chief Minister of Karnataka Shri S. M. Krishna. The main attraction of Dasara the Jumbo Savaari which will take place on 15th of October, 5pm to 5:30pm and then the same evening at 4:36pm to 4:44pm the Nandi Dhwaja pooja will be performed. Due to the pandemic the Dasara celebration will be as simple as the way it was conducted last year. Jamboo Savaari and the cultural programmes will be performed within the palace premises.


        Nada Habba, the Dasara means there is no short to glories and is a festival that brings joy to the whole pulse, whether it is celebrated simple or great. It is a sight to behold the Mysore glamour at the Navaratri festival which lasts for 9 days. The festive spirit is to perform puppetry, Saraswati Pooja, Durga Pooja and Ayudha pooja at home.


        Mysore Dasara Festival is the biggest and most important festival hosted by the Government of Karnataka. This Dasara festival has a long history of hundreds of years. In the year 1610 A.D Shri Raja Wodeyar, King of Mysore began Dasara in Srirangapatna. However, the records of foreign tourists coming to the Vijayanagara Empire indicate that the Navaratri festival was celebrated in the Vijayanagara Empire from 113 A.D. Nevertheless, it is true that the Dasara Celebration has a glorious history. The Dasara Festival is our cultural symbol.


        A special decoration for the elephants of Dasara will be held on October 5. On the occassion of Vijayadashami, which falls on 15th of October, Captain Abhimanyu, the royal elephant will be carrying the golden howdah(Ambari) which has the Goddess Chamundi. On this occasion, the elephants will be trained on artillery work. This year due to pandemic most people will not have access to Dasara celebrations in person. However, all the programs are broadcasted live on the website and on social media so that people watch the glory of Dasara, 2021.


GAJAPADE: The Elephant herd which would participate in the Mysore Dasara Jamboosavari 2021 did the practice session parade with the sand bags.

GAJAPAYANA: The main spot light of The world famous mysore dasara 2021, the gajapayana was traditionally ,flagged off at the veerana hosahalli of the nagarahole gate,hunsur Dist