The plarforms available for learning should be utilized: Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar

The platforms available for learning should be utilized: Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar

September 22 (Karnataka Varthe): Veteran Film Director Sri . Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar said that , besides making use of any platform available for learning , it should be a continuous process . He spoke during the inauguration of the Film Pre-Production programme organized by the Film Festival Committee at the Rani Bahadur Auditorium of the Mysore University premises on Thursday , Even though I am aware of the difficulties , I do run a small Film School in Bengaluru for learning. It is indeed understood that nothing can be learnt in 03 days which is why the Mysuru Dasara has created several platforms especially to make use of such opportunities, he said. Anyone who comes here should not go empty-handed rather, something should be learned and acquired. Mind you , awareness is very important. It’s you who needs to understand that no one can steal it . Thus, the talent with interest should be sharpened by associating with the society and the right community. There is no way that anyone can teach us the talent we inherit within us . It cannot be given or taken from anyone. Talent is like an asset. The talent is like an energy within us that emerges out through the creative work, he said. The kind of exponential growth that the Cinema has seen over a period of years , that it has overshadowed the everlasting music ,literature and theater which has been around for many years . The Cinema stands a tall with its effective medium .To its subsidiary, the web series, documentaries, short films are part of it. Even though you adapt its opportunities , you still have a tough competition.Therefore , you will have to struggle hard to find success , he said. Cinema has got its own meaning and standards. Interested youths should understand and be very careful about the detailing .It has always been very different from literature, music, dance, sculpture and art .Which is why , the Cinema has brought out multi-faceted talents . The Special Officer of Dasara Film Festival Sri. R. Sheshu said that one has to utilize these kind of opportunities over the workshop. He also informed that the film festival will be held soon and it will be inaugurated by the famous Sandalwood film actor Dr. Shiva RajKumar. Assistant Director of DIPR and Film Sub-Committee Secretary Sri. T. K. Harish, Director Mansore, Praveen Krupakar and others were present in the programme.