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Welcome to Mysuru Dasara 2016     Sri Chennaveera Kanavi will be inaugurating Mysuru Dasara 2016     This year's Dasara festivities to promote the concepts of Water Conservation

Mysore Ganjifa Cards

This is miniature painting from Mysore school. This playing card is painted with superfine brush using natural colours and gold. This is executed in different shapes of ivory-board or sandal-wood sheets. Originally this one thousand year old playing card from India was known in Sanskrit as “Kreeda Patra”. During the Moghul rule the indoor game became a royal pastime. Currently only a few artists are pursuing this style. You can see a collection of more than 200 such paintings at the “Proma Art Gallery”, exclusively devoted to Mysore painting at ‘Chitkala’. You can also visit the website

Where to buy : Cauvery Handicrafts Emporium