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Welcome to Mysuru Dasara 2016     Sri Chennaveera Kanavi will be inaugurating Mysuru Dasara 2016     This year's Dasara festivities to promote the concepts of Water Conservation

Lalitha Mahal Palace


Lalitha Mahal Palace (1931): Designed by E.W.Fritchley, a much patronized Bombay-based architect of those days, the building was built in 1931 at a cost of Rs.13.00 lakhs as a guest house for European visitors of the Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV. The building in European Classical style, is a majestic two-storey composition of twin Ionic columns, a projecting porch on the ground floor, spherical domes, the circular entrance hall, dominating central dome and the stained glass embellishment present a regal touch.



Lalitha Mahal Palace : 0821-2526100 Building Cost : Built in 1931 at the cost of about Rs. 13 Lakhs.


Distance From

  • Sub Urban Bus Stand : 5.9 Km
  • Railway Station :8 Km
  • Airport : 15 Km