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Kokkare Bellur


Kokkare Bellur

okkarebellur is a village in Mandya, Karnataka, famous for its birds. It is situated about 10kms from Maddur between the cities of Mysore and Bangalore.

The name of the village is derived from “Kokkare”, meaning stork and “Bellur” meaning village of jaggery (raw sugar from sugarcane). The district abounds in sugarcane fields and this village is famous for having large colonies of Spot-billed Pelicans and Painted Storks nesting in trees within the village. Kokkarebellur Bird Sanctuary is located in Mandya District of Karnataka and is about 20 km from north-east of Mandya town.

River Shimsha flows through the village. One may find many nests built on the river beds. The best season to visit these migratory birds is October to March.


How to reach : On Mysore- Bangalore highway, near Maddur. Distance : From Mandhya 20kms, Maddur 60kms. Nearest Town : Mandya Nearest Railway : Mandya Nearest Airport : Mysore Airport.

Distance From

  • Sub Urban Bus Stand:68.6Km
  • Railway Station :69.8km
  • Airport :76.2km